Coils & Atomizers

Vape Atomizers and coils are the most vital component to any vaporizer pen. If you are in need of a replacement vape coil or atomizer we have a large selection for a variety of popular brands. Our vaporizer atomizer tank combos feature some of the finest eliquid, oil, and dry herb options on the market.

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Wax Coils

Wax vaping is quickly becoming incredibly popular, and there’s no question as to why. True enthusiasts know that the strongest draws come from wax, and as technology improves vapes are making it easier and easier to enjoy this new pastime.  Here at Vape Parts Mart, we understand the need for high-end products at prices that don’t kill your wallet.  Whether you are looking to for a wax coil replacement, or are deciding whether to upgrade your current device, we can provide you with the best options the industry has to offer.

Waxing Tech

The driving force behind the power of any vape is the convection method, and wax vaporizers are no exception. The vape atomizer boils compounds from your product allowing you to draw it in with a breath. Depending on the type of coil, you can expect a range of strength and intensity from your vape. The standard method involves utilizing a coil wound around a solid or wicked core. More coils mean more heat, and thus faster vaporization. Solid cores have the benefit of melting wax fast, while wicked cores absorb some of the liquid, offering a more sustained draw.  Alternatively, ceramic disk atomizers can be used to decrease melting and convection times even further.

Our Selection

When choosing new wax coils, we provide you with a plethora of options.  Vape Parts Mart offers you both traditional and non-standard coils, giving you the most variety at the best prices.  Many of our replacement parts, like the Youcan Flick Wax Coil, come directly from the manufacturer and are shipped to you quickly and discreetly.  Also, many of our options like the 510 Thread Wax Vape Pen Coil fall within the industry’s standardized design, allowing us to give you compatible parts at a much higher value.  We also offer atomizers featuring multi coiled designs with quartz cores, the current height if vape technology.

Our inventory gives you the best options available to experiment with different coil designs or find the perfect replacement part for your device.  Trust our customer service department to help give you an unrivaled wax vaping experience.