Concentrate Mixing

As part of their effort to provide the highest quality service to their clients and to ensure that their customers...

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Concentrate Technologies

Time Card: 6-27 9PM start, end at 10:15PM. 10:02PM start, end at 11:30PM Add 30 minutes 8:30 start, 10:18 end...

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Oil Vape Cartridge Comparison

Introduction: This article will compare some of the top cartridges used for vaping oil concentrates.  It will also help you...

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Making Oil and Using Vape Cartridges

Making Oil and Using Vape Cartridges By now you have probably had the opportunity to buy a prefilled cartridge with...

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VPM Serving Canadians

Canadian Flag Representing buy vaporizers in canada

Buy Vaporizers and Vape Parts in Canada Vape Parts Mart proudly serves Canadians   We have been offering shipping to...

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