Flowermate V5 Bubbler
Flowermate V5 Bubbler
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Flowermate V5 Bubbler | V5 Mini Water Bubbler


Flowermate V5 Bubbler | V5 Mini Water Bubbler

Select between Flowermate V5 and V5 Mini water bubbler.

Recommended Add On: Flowermate V5 Bubbler Water Measuring Vial





Flowermate V5 Bubbler and V5 Mini Water Bubbler

You must select wether you want the Flowermate V5 bubbler or the V5 MINI water bubbler.  The Mini will not fit on the regular size V5 and the regular size V5 bubbler will be too big for the V5 Mini.  Both products functions the exact same way but have different attachment point sizes.

The water bubbler attachment is also referred to as a water pipe.  No matter what you call it, it does the same thing.  It allows you to cool down the vapor.  This is achieved by forcing the vapor to pass through a water filter.  The water immediacy lowers the temperature of the vapor making it much smoother to inhale.

Not included with the bubbler is the optional and recommended Flowermate Measuring Tube.

Flowermate V5 Bubbler Unboxing

The package that the Flowermate V5 bubbler comes in will be sufficient enough to protect the glass.  Please be careful when you unbox the water bubbler.  This part is made of glass. That means it is breakable.

The main reason that people order a new replacement Flowermate V5 bubbler is because they broke theirs.  Many people will accidentally drop their bubbler attachment and break it on their tile and concrete floors.  Another common way that people break the attachment is by accidentally banging against something while cleaning it and breaking it.

If you have found yourself in either of those situations and need a new vape part, let Vape Parts Mart become your source for all things vape related. To check out our full selection of Vapes goto our main Vapes Page.  If you need a different Flowermate vaporizer part, you’re in luck.  We have a whole bunch of Flowermate Vape Parts here. 

Thank you for choosing to shop at Vape Parts Mart.  We know that you have a lot of options when it comes to ordering the parts that you need.  Just know that we value each and every one of our customers.  We will go out of the way to make sure our shoppers are satisfied.


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