510 Thread Parts

Vape parts for universal 510 threads will fit any vaporizer that uses the standard 510 threading on their products.

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510 Thread Parts

The industry standard for vape parts, vape pens with 510 vape threads will fit the majority of devices that have the standard 510 threading on their products. Accessories with this threading can boast a universal fit that will work in a variety of vape pens. Thinking of changing out your globe or coils? With the use of 510 threading this is easier than ever. This standard threading makes it simple to mix and match the accessories offered from different brands to give you a completely customizable experience.

Accessory Options

When you stick to 510 threading supported accessories, there is an almost endless variety available. From charges and batteries to 510 thread wax vape pen coil and atomizers, whatever you need for your vape pen can be found. In the rare case that something does not want to work with your threading, there are even options like a 510 vape connector or adapter, like the Yocan Flick Magnetic Connector, that will allow you to attach pieces where only one side is 510 threaded. Having a connector guarantees that you will always have what you need to use your vape pen. Extra batteries and an extra charger mean your vape pen will always be ready to go.

510 Benefits

Along with customizable parts, 510 threading allows for more vapor and larger clouds. This tends to be preferred with advanced vapers and also those who like a big cloud that stands out. Smart decisions with your vape pen like replacing parts allows your vape pen to be like new. Upgrading your oil cartridge or dry herb tank 510 thread will allow for a prime vaping use without having to consistently replace your vape pen. The ease and availability of 510 threading makes it possible to upgrade the needed pieces as they go out instead of replacing the entire device which keeps you from breaking the bank to have a premium vape experience.