Yocan Flick Vaporizer
Yocan Flick Vaporizer


Yocan Flick Vaporizer for Wax & Oil

Yocan Flick Opens Like a Zippo Lighter to reveal the cartridge.

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Yocan Flick Vaporizer Box Mod

The Yocan Flick vaporizer is a really cool ultra-portable vape pen.  Yocan just released this product and we now have these vapes in stock.

The first and most noticeable feature is that this vape looks like a Zippo lighter.  The top of the Yocan Flick vaporizer flicks open to allow access to the mouthpiece. When the lid is closed no-one will ever suspect that it is a vape pen.  Once you open the top it quickly becomes very obvious.

Yocan Flick Vaporizer – Dual Use

The Yocan Flick vape is a twin purpose vaporizer pen.  You can use it to vaporize both oil and wax concentrates. Right out of the package they include an oil atomizer and a wax coil. The atomizer is the standard glass top load design. The coil for waxy concentrate uses a quartz coil.

Both the oil atomizer and the wax coil connect to the pen using a magnetic connection. That makes it really easy to swap out heating chambers on the go.  It can be done quickly and discreetly.  The only downside to the Yocan Flick vaporizer is that it doesn’t have a place to store the unused heating element onboard.  Here you can check out a really cool vape with onboard portable storage.

One awesome feature that works with the oil atomizer is the viewing window.  Yocan installed a small see through window on the side of the vaporizer.  Through this window you can see how much concentrate is left in the chamber.  As you can imagine, this comes in pretty handy.

You can charge the Yocan Flick vaporizer with any standard usb-micro charger.  It has the same port as most other small portable electronics and cell phones. Yocan does include a short but functional usb cable for your convenience.

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