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XVape XMax V-One Glass Mouthpiece Replacement

In a branding change that confused us more than annoyed us, XVape is now called XMax. Our suspicion is that they changed to XMax to avoid the word “Vape”. As far as compatibility, the new mouthpiece is exactly the same. The only change is that the new one has a glass piece that extends to the coil to reduce wax splash-back, and it now says “XMax”. Our mouthpieces are authentic and guarenteed to fit your V-one wax vape pen.

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V-One 1.0 Glass Mouthpiece Replacement

The V-One wax vape pen has proven to be one of the best new wax vapes on the market. At Vape Parts Mart we offer XVape V-One replacement heating coils/atomizers as well as the XVape (now called X-max) V-One Pyrex Glass Mouthpiece you see here.

X Vape V-One 2.0 Glass Mouthpiece Replacement

Does your XVape V-One 2.0 mouthpiece need replacement? You’e in luck!  Our XMax V-One mouthpiece also work for your V-One 2.0. Not only are they compatible with the 2.0, but glass might prove to be your preferred mouthpiece because you’ll be able to see the smoke accumulate and regulate your intake.