V12 Plus Glass Blunt Package
Glass Blunt with cap off
V12 Plus Glass Blunt Package


V12 Plus Glass Blunt

The V12 Plus Glass Blunt is a great alternative to using traditional blunts. This glass blunt is easy to use and affordable. Simply load some ground dry herb into the chamber and enjoy. You can use unto about 1.5 grams at a time.

It is a quality made product that will be certain to improve your experience. It is fun to use and a cool new piece to share with your friends.




V12 Plus Glass Blunt

The V12 Plus Glass Blunt is now available from Vape Parts Mart. Recently the development of non-tobacco blunt products has exploded. There are many companies that produce blunt papers from all sorts of different plant materials.

V12 is one of the first companies to pioneer a completely plant-less blunt smoking option. They came up with a really great method of smoking by using a glass blunt. This way there is or other harmful additives when you smoke.

What You Get

The V12 Plus Glass Blunt comes in a compact, yet nice package. Inside of the V12 Plus packaging you will find a cleaning tool, a spare o-ring and the actual blunt itself.

The glass blunt is comprised of a glass tube, a twisted corkscrew like tube insert, the mouthpiece and bottom connector.

V12 really put a lot of thought into this product. The coolest feature of the glass blunt is the twisty feature.

Basically it is designed to be twisted by the mouthpiece after each lighter burn. Simply twist the mouthpiece and the burnt dry herb and ash will be pushed out and replace by nice fresh unburned green.

Most online reviews agree that this is a really great feature. No one likes smoking an ashed out bowl. Go green or go home!


The V12 Plus Glass Blunt is really easy to disassemble which means that it is really easy to keep clean. We suggest that you simple disassemble all of the parts and soak them in rubbing alcohol. Then gently take a pipe cleaner or cotton swab and wipe off any residue. Make sure that you completely wash with soap and rinse your all parts before smoking out of it after cleaning.

All in all the V12 Plus Glass Blunt is a great solution for those who love to smoke a blunt but hate the taste or side effects of tobacco.

If you have any questions about the V12 Plus Glass Blunt or any other products that we sell please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer support. You can check out other vape and vape related parts on our homepage. You can check out other vape and vape related parts on our homepage.

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