Twisty Glass Blunt Replacement Metal Screw and Mouthpiece

The twisty glass blunt hit the market by storm in late 2016 for good reason. It’s an innovative, practical, and super functional pipe that let’s you hold more than enough stuff while still being portable. This listing is for the full metal part just as pictured.


  • Length: approximately 5 inches
  • Titanium Nitride Metal Screw
  • Fits up to 1.5 grams
  • Full metal screw, mouthpiece, and o-ring included as pictured

Compatible Brands Include:

  • 7 Pipe
  • Nerd Star
  • + Many more! Contact us with any compatibility questions.





Titanium Nitride Metal Screw Replacement for 7pipe Glass Blunt

If your 7 pipe twisty metal screw has broken or become excessively dirty, our replacements will be a perfect fit! Just slide it into the glass blunt tube replacement and the o-rings will lock right into place on our glass!

7 Pipe is not the only brand to come out with a version of the twisty glass blunt. If you have a NerdStar twisty glass blunt, our replacement glass tube will also be a perfect fit.

If you have any compatibility questions with other brands, feel free to contact us!

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