glass globe stainless steel nail atomizer


Glass Globe Atomizer Replacement – Stainless Steel with Screen

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Mesh metal screen for more consistent drip
  • Removable screen if desired (but not meant to be replaced once removed)
  • Compatible with all Glass Globe Vaporizers including:
    – Micro Pen Glass Globe Attachments
    – 510 Thread Pen Glass Globe Attachments

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Stainless Steel Glass Globe Atomizer Replacement Coil

Did your glass globe atomizer burn out? No problem!

Vape Parts Mart has you covered with a variety of replacement glass globe vaporizer coils such as your Stainless Steel Glass Globe Atomizer.

This atomizer is constructed of high quality and durable stainless steel and includes a mesh screen above the coil.

The screen is completely optional, and some glass globe atomizers do not come with a screen at all. The purpose of a screen is to allow for a slower, more consistent drip onto the coils.

Some people prefer to place the dab directly on the coil, while others like the use of the screen. This is completely up to personal preference. If you buy an atomizer with a screen, one trick we’ve learned is that if you decide you don’t like the screen you can easily remove the screen by prying it out with pliers or ideally a needle or thumb tack.

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