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kanthal wire for rda


RDA Coil Kanthal Wire


Choose between 22-32 Size Gauge. Your package will contain 5 feet of wire sufficient for making approximately 15 coils. 

Kanthal Wire Gauge (AWG) in Diameters

  • 22 Gauge Kanthal Wire = 0.64 mm
  • 24 Gauge Kanthal Wire = 0.51 mm
  • 26 Gauge Kanthal Wire = 0.40 mm
  • 28 Gauge Kanthal Wire = 0.32 mm
  • 30 Gauge Kanthal Wire = 0.25 mm
  • 32 Gauge Kanthal Wire = 0.20 mm

Kanthal Wire Gauge (AWG) in Resistance (68°F)

  • 22 Gauge (AWG) = 0.10 Ω / in.
  • 24 Gauge (AWG) = 0.17 Ω / in.
  • 26 Gauge (AWG) = 0.28 Ω / in.
  • 28 Gauge (AWG) = 0.44 Ω / in.
  • 30 Gauge (AWG) = 0.70 Ω / in.
  • 32 Gauge (AWG) = 1.09 Ω / in.






RDA Kanthal Wire

If you’re searching for the best grade of Kanthal wire, which is utilized in order to build atomizer coils for RDA and RBA vaporizers, you’ve come to the right place. Our Grade a1 RDA Kanthal Wire products are designed with care in order to perform perfectly and they come in a wide array of gauge sizes, so you’ll be able to order exactly what you need.

In addition, when you buy RDA Kanthal wire from us, you’ll access the lowest prices, as well as affordable, timely shipping and great customer service. So, why shop anywhere else?


Now, let’s talk about the sizes that we offer, so you’ll know whether or not our product is really right for you…


Which Sizes are Available?


When you buy RDA Kanthal wire from us, wire gauges ranging from 22 to 32 will be available. This means that diameters for wire will range between 0.64 mm to 0.20 mm. Resistance for this type of wire will range from 0.10 Ω / in to 1.09 Ω / in.

Those who prefer to create their own atomizer coils will benefit from choosing the Kanthal wire products which are best for their needs. Since our online interface makes it so simple to order exactly what is right for your vaporizer, you’ll find that shopping through us is the easiest way to get the wire that you want, without any headaches or hassles.


Building an atomizer coil isn’t that complicated. It’s harder the first time that you do it. Once you’ve mastered the process by doing it just once, you should find that it’s very easy to do in the future.


However, in order to get great results, you will definitely need authentic Kanthal wire and this is exactly what we sell. So, do beware of imitation wire which is sold online. In order to get more from every vaping session, you’ll need to periodically rebuild your atomizer with genuine Kanthal wire and a few other supplies and tools. It’s important to understand the value of ordering the real thing, since it directly impacts the performance of your vaping device.


Why Build an Atomizer Coil?


People rebuild atomizers in order to enjoy top performance of variable power devices. An atomizer coil which is properly constructed will ensure that a device produces rich vapor.


To build an atomizer, you will need some supplies, including the Kanthal wire that we sell here for such an affordable price. In addition, you’ll need a blunt-tip syringe or a drill bit, plus a butane/propane torch and ignition product.


Full instructions for building an atomizer coil are available online, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting the hang of things. YouTube also offers some tutorial videos which are very informative.


Shopping at our website is very simple. Just choose the wire or other products that you want by adding them to your virtual shopping cart. Be sure to double check wire size in order to get what’s right for your current vaporizer. Once you’re finished shopping, simply opt to check out and then proceed to the virtual checkout area.


While you’re there, you’ll need to provide a little information about yourself, as well as information about your credit card or preferred payment method. Once you’ve entered this information and submitted it to the system, you’ll be able to review your entire order before you finalize it. This will include shipping details and rates, plus any applicable fees.


If you approve an order, it will be filled by our skilled and caring service representatives and then sent straight to your door or to a post office or P.O. Box.


Check Out Our Other vaporizer Gear


In addition to offering RDA Kanthal wire, we provide a host of other gear, from complete vaporizer kits to replacement parts, such as batteries, chargers and atomizers. A


These delicious flavors are pure, fresh, appealing and affordable and they are designed to make vaping a truly pleasurable experience. Our products are customizable, so you’ll have the power to create something just perfect for your needs.


Every product that we sell is of the highest quality. We’ve cherry-picked the world’s most practical and well-made vaporizer gear, with a mind to offering you superlative selection. In addition, we are pleased to offer low international shipping rates to our valued online clientele, so it will be possible to order our vaporizer products, accessories.


Enjoy Honest and Caring Service


Some companies are not trustworthy. This is why you need to order from a company with a great reputation. When you choose us today, you won’t need to worry about a single thing. We’ve created a virtual storefront that is as safe and secure as can be and we back up what we sell by offering warranties and the best standard of customer service.


This is why it’s smart to shop with us. We’ll ensure that you enjoy a positive customer service experience every single time and we’ll always be there to answer your questions.


If you need more information before placing an order for vaporizer, just connect with us. Our online service representatives are standing by in order to give you the facts that you need and they are also able to provide exceptional guidance if you’re not quite sure which products are best for your needs. So, we do encourage you to reach out to us today.

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