liquid 9 oil cartridge by jupiter research
L9 oil cartridge and L9 battery from Jupiter Research
Jupiter research Liquid 9 battery with a Liquid 9 oil cartridge
liquid 9 oil cartridge by jupiter research


Jupiter Liquid 9 Oil Cartridge

The Jupiter L9 oil cartridge is a single-use disposable oil cartridge. Currently offered in 0.5ml capacity.

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Jupiter Liquid 9 Battery

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Jupiter Liquid 9 Oil Cartridge

Authentic Jupiter Liquid 9 Oil Cartridge (Reactor) from Jupiter Vapes. Uses a ceramic atomizer, single use with press on mouthpiece.  Disposable cartridge featuring the legendary CCell ceramic coil.  The Jupiter Liquid 9 Oil Cartridge is designed to work solely with the Jupiter L9 Vaporizer.  The Jupiter Liquid 9 Battery has specially designed internal magnets which allow the cartridge and battery to connect.


L9 Disposable Cartridge

  • New CCELL technology inside the L9’s Reactor™, specifically designed for high viscosity oils
  • Medical grade septum for securing the closed reservoir during filling and use
  • Tamper-proof mouthpiece is permanently secured, preventing contents exposure as an advanced safety feature
  • Silver-plated cartridge base ensures the magnetic connecting of the L9 power supply
  • Patented design that is precision manufactured with advanced materials
  • .5ML reservoir volumes available


Jupiter L9 Cartridge Filling Instructions

Using the Jupiter Liquid 9 Oil Cartridge is very simple however there are some important thing you need to note when filling these L9 cartridges.

  1.  Locate the septum 180 degrees from the rib on the side of the airway.
  2. Insert a non-coring needle (18 gauge) in the septum and invert the cartridge.
  3. Inject .5 ml of oil into the cartridge while the cartridge is inverted allowing air to escape through the atomizer inlets. * Continuing to inject fluid after all the air has been displaced may cause the cartridge to leak.
  4. Remove the needle.
  5. Press fit the mouthpiece until in snaps securely in place.  *Note tapping mouthpiece with a firm object to fully seat is an acceptable practice.

Waiting 30 Minutes for atomizer to saturate is recommended before use.

PDF of Filling instructions: L9 Filling Instructions


Jupiter Liquid 9 Oil Cartridge Compatibility

L9 Oil cartridges are only compatible with genuine Jupiter Liquid 9 vaporizers.  The L9 battery has specially designed internal magnets that will connect to the L9 cartridge.  Unfortunately at this time there are no known adapters that will allow these cartridges to work in other devices.



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