Glass Globe Vape Parts

When you use a glass globe vape you know that sometimes it is inevitable that you will break some part of it. If this has happened to you don't fret! We have all of the glass glob vape parts that you need.

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Glass Globe Vape Parts

One of the best things about using a glass globe dab pen is the ease of replacing parts. A vape pen is designed for travel and to be used on the go often leaving the security of your home. This makes it more prone to damage than something big and bulky like a dab rig that is going to stay home. It also means that if you start out with a glass globe pen kit, once you are ready to customize your pen and experiment with various pieces, this can easily be done.

No Shortage of Accessories

Wax vape pens are great on the go. But, as with other portable devices, their pieces can easily get lost or broken. Just like when you lose your phone charger, there are several options available for a replacement charger or batteries to make sure your pen is always ready to use. You can also upgrade and customize your pen. Switch out your coils or go for an atomizer to alter your wax vaping experience. You can also make your piece stand out by switching out your wax pen bulb for a unique tea pot or skull design, along with a bunch of other cool designs. Add some variety to your vape.


Once you have gotten familiar with your vape pen, you may not know exactly where to start with your customization or upgrading process. There are a ton of different kits available and even an option like a wax glass globe vaporizer attachment or a glass globe dry herb attachment gives you some new pieces to mix and match to play with your pen until you find your preferred combination of pieces. Using a wax vape pen gives you the flexibility to have a high level of consumption of your wax on the go. It is also relatively simple to clean. Checking out the available accessories will give you an idea of how much there is to do with a wax vape pen.