Herbva X Mouthpiece
Airistech Herbva X Vape mouthpiece replacement
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Herbva X Mouthpiece


Airistech Herbva X Mouthpiece Replacement



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Airistech Herbva X Mouthpiece Replacement

You have an Airistech Herbva X portable vape pen but you can’t find your mouthpiece. What do you do? Never fear, Vape Parts Mart is here.  We have the Herbva X mouthpiece that you need. Not only that but we also carry all of the other parts for the Herbva X.  We are your one stop shop for everything vape related.

It is easy to misplace the Herbva X mouthpiece because it is so small.  This is one of the more compact mouthpieces on the market today.  It is also glass mouthpiece, because it is clear it can sometimes be hard to locate. Glass is also susceptible to breaking.  We have many customers who have broken their mouthpiece.  We ship fast using 1st class mail so you will get your new part ASAP!

Compatible Mouthpiece

One cool feature on the Airistech Herbva X mouthpiece is the rubber grommet.  This is the small rubber piece that surround the glass where it attaches to the coil assembly.  It may seem like it is simply decorative but it actually serves a useful purpose. Airistech has an optional add-on part that will allow you to use your vape as a bubbler.  This little rubber piece is what holds the bubbler in place. If you are interested in purchasing the Herbva X water bubbler we sell it!

Installation and Removal of the Herbva X Mouthpiece

The Herbva X mouthpiece is easy to remove and install.  To remove it you just have to pull up on it directly.  To install push it in to the hole gently until it snaps into place. Make sure that you don’t force it in. If it seems to be tough to install, remove it and try it again.

Vape Parts Mart is the #1 source on the internet for quality and affordable vape parts.  Check out our home page today! Thanks for shopping.

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