Airistech Crystal Wax Coil
Airistech Crystal Wax Coil


Airistech Crystal Wax Coil Replacement

Authentic Airistech Crystal Dual Glass Rod coil. Guaranteed fit for your Crystal.

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Airistech Crystal Wax Coil Replacement

If you are looking for the Airistech Crystal wax coil you have come to the right place.

The wax coils that we sell are full compatible with the Airistech Crystal wax vaporizer. We have a very close relationship with Airistech and buy their parts direct from the factory.  That is how we are able to sell these authentic Aristech parts at such low prices.  You won’t find better prices on Airistech parts anywhere on the web!

The Airistech Crystal is a vaporizer that has been on the market for a little while now.  Over time it has become quite popular and many people need replacement parts for it.  The Airistech Crystal wax coil is certainly one of the most popular parts for this unit that we sell.

About the Airistech Crystal Wax Coil Replacement

It is a well made, good quality coil but like all concentrate coils, this one is susceptible to failure over time. The most common reason for failure us just plain old time.   Over time electronic parts tend to wear out. Once this has happened to your Airistech Crystal wax coil you will need to replace it. Sometime these coils still work fine but too much old concentrate has accumulated in the heating chamber to allow the heat to vaporize any new wax.  If this has happened to you then it is probably easier to just order a replacement than it is to try to clean out the old coil.

This coil does not include a coil cap.  You just put your waxy substance directly on the coil surface.  You will need to secure the mouthpiece over the coil before using your vape pen.

The Airistech Crystal wax coil is easily installed in the vaporizer body by screwing it in using the threads that are stamped on the inside of the coil.  Don’t tighten it too much when you install it.

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